Friday, February 28, 2014

remembering the sun

Continuation of my lovely trip to the Loire valley last june, begun with this article.
This blog is already 2 years old... I'm impressed by the time it took me to post something new, I'm afraid uni has been taking all my time...
Days 6, 12 and 13 are coming soon though. (Doing my best I promise!)

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I will soon be finished with school forever, so I will finally have time to be  more active here!  
Meanwhile, hope you enjoy the few snapshots...

day 4_Villandry 

Saturday, September 14, 2013

toes in the ocean

Sneak peek of the week I spent in Britanny at my friend's.
It took me longer than I expected to prepare so, once again, thousands of excuses... But here are about 50 pictures as an apology.

Tomorrow, I will be heading down South to meet my already beloved niece... who was born this morning.
I will be back soon to hopefully show you lovely things again but, for the moment, loads of emotions are coming.  

Remember you can now follow me on Twitter : @highly_beloved

ps: merci Juliette <3

day 1_ late arrival at my friend's lovely house

day 2_ rainy day, home-made burgers

day 3_ saving the mouse from the cat's attack

day 4_ walking along the coast

day 5_ picking raspberries at the neighbours' before going to Brest, lovely secret street, home-made beef+cheese yakitoris

day 6_ last day, the best for the end, in Brest again